Create Cyber Safety/Digital Citizenship Slogans with IOS App DITTY


During the first half of the year most schools I know focus their energies towards implementing a cyber safety/ digital citizenship curriculum. But depending on how cyber safety/digital citizenship curriculum is taught students can view this as just a lot of “Do’s and Don'ts” and have no real ownership of the content or message. I like to take the proactive approach rather than a reactive approach to this type of curriculum. I find that when you place the emphasis of cyber safety back onto the students it empowers student voice and a common understanding of acceptable online practice. Asking students to create their own cyber safety/digital citizenship pledge is also a great way to promote positive behaviour and allow students to reflect on their own online activity.  

So for this activity I ask students to think of a cyber safety or digital citizenship statement/pledge they are going to use as their online mantra for the upcoming year and use that to create their own Ditty. I compiled some of the best pledges and created a Ditty megamix below, I hope you enjoy.

To create a Ditty you basically type whatever you want into the app then choose a song from the catalogue, Ditty will then sing your text to the beat of the chosen track. You can also use photos or video within Ditty as the background layer. Please also note that there are a lot of in-app purchases within Ditty and there is only a small amount of free songs available.

Ditty is a lot of fun and to some I am sure it will seem harmless but is important to understand that Ditty is also a form of social media and has similarities to the notorious cyberbullying app Your Ditty’s can be shared across all social platforms or kept private if you choose. Your Ditty profile is public and anyone can follow you and see your Ditty’s especially if they are not protected. Users can also comment and share your Ditty’s if they choose.

I hope you have a lot of fun creating Ditty's with your students but remember to check all the settings first!!