Worried About Screen Time? Check Out - Our Pact

The College I work at has a 1:1 iPad program. We have been educating our students about the acceptable use of their iPad both at school and at home.

During the rollout out of our 1:1 program we held a number of Parent meetings. One of the biggest concerns parents voiced was screen time. In particular how long students would be engaging with a screen at school and then continue with more screen time at home. This was difficult for anyone to monitor without physically asking the teacher, student or parent to collate what could only be an estimate of screen time. With Our Pact this information is accessible at your fingertips.

Our Pact asks parents to discuss screen time with their children and to develop a family contract, "pact" or agreement on what is an acceptable amount of screen time per day. Once there is an agreement between parent and child, the parent can create a free account through the Our Pact website or app. Parents download the app to their chosen device and install the Our Pact certificates to your child's devices.  

Our Pact has some great features such as these;

  • Application blocking
  • Internet blocking and scheduling 
  • Block social media 
  • One parent app to monitor your families devices

 Our Pact is a free IOS, Android and desktop compatible app meaning it is accessible on any device that can access the Internet. I feel this could be a good discussion point for some families and could be a worthwhile exercise that will suit some families but definitely not all.

Check out the video below as I explain the features and how to use the Our Pact app.