Podcasting 101 With Bossjock Jnr

If you want to create awesome podcasts on your iPad and can't afford the $14.99 price tag for Bossjock Studio then Bossjock Jnr (free) is the next best thing.

What I like about Bossjock Jnr is that you can get your whole podcast organised before you are ready to record the final podcast this can also be done over several lessons.  So when it comes time to recording your podcast or live radio show all you have to do it is start talking and fill in the gaps with sound effects, music and pre recorded segments. The way the carts are laid out can also help you setup the order and format of your podcast.

Boss jock makes creating podcasts a really fun experience, it feels as though you're doing a live radio show. And the best bit is you don't need to edit in post production because you are compiling the show as you record on the fly

Below is a table highlighting some of the differences between the Bossjock Jnr and Bossjock Studio. The major differences I have found are the importing and exporting options. Bossjock Studio provides greater flexibility customisation and ease of use. When using Bossjock studio you can create the whole podcast within the one app. With Bossjock Jnr you rely on Garage Band to trim and loop audio before importing. 

Bossjock Jnr's exporting options are also limited to 128Kpbs and export to the camera roll only. This can limit the ability to share your finished podcast. Bossjock Jnr also allows for the main mix to be heard through the internal speakers meaning you don't have to listen/monitor through headphones, this can have its advantages and disadvantages. However I would always recommend using a set of headphones to monitor your podcast mix. 

Bossjock Jnr will have your students creating amazing podcasts in no time. They can literally podcast about anything they want. What a great way to get students developing their digital literacy skills by creating a podcast. For best results allow students to choose topics of interest or personal knowledge. That way they are capable of talking candidly and "off the cuff" with out relying on a script or talking like a robot during their podcast. People want to listen to a free flowing conversation and not someone reading from a script.

Want to get better audio out of your podcast? Bossjock Jnr is also compatible with a range of external microphones such as RODE and iRig. I have listed these and described the use of these microphones in another blog post

The main interface of Bossjock Jnr looks very simple and has a WYSIWYG feel to it (What You See Is What You Get). Everything about Bossjock Jnr is simple but effective and that makes this app very appealing for use in your classroom.

Check out the walkthrough of Bossjock Jnr below.

In my opinion Bossjock Jnr is the the perfect choice for creating awesome podcasts in your classroom on your iPad or iPhone, students of all ages are going to love it.