Complete Guide to teaching STEM & Digital Technologies e-Book

A complete guide for teachers.

A complete guide for teachers.

Would you like to teach STEM, CODING, ROBOTICS and CRITICAL THINKING With confidence and wisdom? Discover proven teaching strategies, lesson plans, ideas and 2019 resources providing a wealth of information on this innovative and engaging area of the curriculum from an expert educator with over a decade in coaching STEM & Digital Technologies.

This 180 Page e-book provides teachers with solutions to teachers.

Kevin Cummins, (MA, Education & Technology Melbourne) provides a step-by-step process of teaching the following areas in this 180 PAGE INTERACTIVE e-BOOK.
⭐ Coding & Robotics 
⭐ Critical and Creative Thinking
⭐ Algorithmic Design and Analysis
⭐ Data collection, analysis, and Visualisation
⭐ Digital Citizenship (rights and responsibilities) 
⭐ Digital Systems 
⭐ Aligned to the Australian Curriculum, U.S. Common Core, and British Curriculum

 And much more high-quality content designed to turn teachers and students from TECH CONSUMERS TO CREATORS.

There is an ENTIRE YEAR of teaching ideas and content here, plus you will receive all future additions and revisions FOR FREE.

This BESTSELLER  has been utilized by thousands of teachers around the globe with GLOWING REVIEWS  which you can read for yourself.

Now in its third edition offering greater visual examples of making STEM, Digital Technologies and Critical Thinking actionable tasks in your classroom.  

It also provides case studies and context to the skills being taught so that you can talk the talk, and walk the walk.

This ebook is an essential resource for not only specialists involved in learning technologies but all teachers looking for new and engaging strategies to teach their students to problem solve, better integrate technology and build the skills required to contribute and understand our digital society.

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Got a 3D Printer? You Need One Of These!!


If you have a 3D printer at your school you simply have to get some of these Max Wax pens!!! I have been using mine for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say it makes it a lot easier to clean up any rough edges, excess sidewalk or clean up a cavity on your 3D prints. 

These pens are inexpensive and operate from one AA battery. The tip can heat up to 450 degrees in a matter of minutes. I am certain the Max Wax pen will become an essential makerspace tool for your school too.

Check out my tutorial below to see the Max Wax pen in action.