Apple Teacher Program

Apple recently released the Apple Teacher program a self paced learning experience where you can earn virtual badges by displaying your knowledge of iPad, Mac and Swift Coding. Click on this link to find out more.

Teachers can download fantastic iBooks filled with engaging multimedia and text through the iBooks Store. These iBooks will provide you with the knowledge required to earn your Apple Teacher badges as well as how to implement Apple technology better in your classroom including lesson ideas etc. The Apple Teacher iBooks are a great resource for teachers and school leaders who want to build their teachers digital technology capacity. This is a must for any schools with a 1:1 iPad or Mac program. Great self paced PD as well!!!

To find these iBooks search Apple Teacher in the iBooks Store. 


To earn a Apple Teacher badge you must answer 4 out of 5 questions per category correctly. You can resit the quiz as many times as you like and the questions randomly change each time.


Remember to document your time spent completing the Apple Teacher badges as PD for your

VIT registration.

Once you have completed all the badges you will be provided with the Apple Teacher logo which can be used as part of your email signature and "shown off" with great pride.