How To DJ From Your iPad & Rock Your Next School Disco

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Everyone wants to be a DJ right? Well that dream is now a reality!!! I would like to introduce you to an app called DJAY2 by Algoriddim. The app is now in its second edition and it keeps on getting better. As an ex DJ of 15 years I think It is hands down the best DJing app on the App Store. Not only does it look uber cool.  The app responds really well to touch making it an enjoyable app to DJ with. Obviously it is not as good as the real thing but DJAY2 is as "good as it gets" on an iPad or iPhone. 

DJAY2 simulates all the expensive equipment you would find in a traditional DJ's setup such as mixer, turntables, effects, beat pads and much more for only $7.99. Now that's a bargain!!!

A great feature of DJAY2 is the ability to choose between using the music in your own collection or if you have a premium Spotify subscription you can mix any music accessible on Spotify, providing you with endless samples and playlists. 

If your not interested in becoming the next Tiesto or Carl Cox or you can't see yourself using all the features that DJAY2 offers thats cool too. I think the automix feature will change your mind!! Simply create a playlist, press the automix button and then let the DJAY2 app beat sync and transition all the tracks according to BPM or preference into a seamless mix your friends, family and students will be so impressed. If you're planning on hosting a party then DJAY2 app is at the top of your shopping list. DJAY2 can play all your background music while guests are mingling when its time to step up the tempo simply cue a new playlist and you're ready to hit the D-Floor. Automix removes the 1-2 second silent pauses in-between tracks that can easily kill the mojo on a  dance floor. 

You will be throwing your hand in the air like you just dont care .

You will be throwing your hand in the air like you just dont care .

The Griffin DJ cable is an essential accessory if you want to get the true DJ feel by splitting the audio. The Griffen DJ cable will allow the DJ to preview tracks using headphones while the main out is played via speakers or a PA system. 

What separates the Griffen DJ cable and any other audio splitter is that each of the outputs is labelled with a headphone or speaker out icon this can make setup quicker and hassle free as you don't have to guess which input to plug into. 

The Reelop Beatpad 2 is a great DJ controller for the DJAY app if you are wanting to step things up a bit and have more control over your mix. The Beatpad is also compatible with Android devices and Mac.

The BeatPad 2 is inexpensive and would be a great addition to school maker spaces, radio stations or PA systems. Students just need to BYO iPad and tunes and they will be mixing "FAT BEATS" in no time. 


These are some example of disco's I have organised at my school. They have all been rather epic. Kudos to our teachers and students for making so much effort.