Scratch Your Projects With Dr Scratch!!!


I know there a lot of schools out there who have started or are about to start their coding journey using the visual programming platform Scratch. This post may be of some assistance. Dr Scratch is a great complimentary site to Scratch that allows teachers and students to analyse their Scratch projects and dig deeper into their programming ability through a report/rating on a number of categories such as flow control, data representation, abstraction, user interactivity, synchronization, parallelism and logic.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 2.06.50 pm.png


The Dr Scratch analysis tool also suggest ways for users to improve the back end of their Scratch program and get a better rating. It identifies when a sprite or costume hasn't been given a unique name or way of identifying the game asset other than “sprite 1” or “costume 2” this is a common mistake made by students and it is also a sign of a lazy programmer.

To use the Dr Scratch website simply copy your Scratch project URL and paste it into the anaylse by URL feature on the Dr Scratch homepage. When I tried to login and create an account the website crashed a number of times so I wouldn’t bother getting your kids sign up, you don’t really need it.

The Dr Scratch website isn’t the answer to all your Scratch problems, it doesn’t debug the programming and identify the exact errors you might want. But it is still a great resource to add classroom discussion/reflection and improve student and teacher understanding of what does  “best practice” coding/programming look like. Check it out you have nothing to lose!!